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At a time when the were all running ... ... Be Yourself! "Age of 74 runners rehabilitation Sun said:" I'm running a marathon is to break through the limits of people. Regardless of the size of your age, I was more than 74 years of age, more than 30 years of heart! I'm going to run until I can't run. "Run from Hong Kong Fu Tifen is a blind girl, lucky is that Angel front-runner lead in she started running, so has the world of good. She said, running her life, when she was running when the wind, birds, trees shake, for her, are so rich and true experience. The three sisters to Fudan University in Shanghai, Jin Yuan, Shen Li, Ge Yongqin, running as a very cool thing. While some women
Survived was traditional of "cannot Sun have too black, cannot too masculine, should sweet humble, and beautiful and and losing angle see inside of protruding part: said slot points, Glycerin 111 sample has, that is insoles, is ashamed, as equipment party, blind buy running shoes of five spent monkey never has a double can used to loaded professional b of running socks, this also let Glycerin 11 insoles compared sliding of malpractice show an exhaustive, but points not to. adidas aps og uk  wel socks,
Feet is easy in shoes in skid, this is egg pain, also hopes Gan friends were note Xia shoes followed by, not wear socks also not mill feet, causes is delicate of mosaic material, covered to feet Palm central in the late is doub adidas zx flux le color rubber, look part, soft light part, soft, plus up is special TM soft, certainly also has malpractice, in not clean or road not flat of situation Xia, connection rubber of white part is easy scraping spent, or is rub of unrecognizable 3D fit Print fabric, is unlikely to believes. Lunarlon cushioning system uses a soft, cadenced foam core wrapped in supporting foam pallet, bring lightweight, super comfortable cushioning, and elastic. Dynamic platform without increasing weight and hardness intermediate supports under the premise of providing stability. Outsole with rubber waffle outsole offers a variety of environmental protection on the ground

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